5 Simple Techniques For תגיש לי

"היא הייתה אחרת"  יאמר לי. "אישה בגובה העיניים". בשקט, ירגיע, "הכל בסדר, יא בינתי, בסוף הכל מסתדר".

In the event you established this file, you should Be aware that The truth that it has been proposed for deletion would not necessarily mean that we do not price your type contribution. It simply implies that just one particular person believes that there is some precise difficulty with it, such as a copyright issue.

Should you made this file, please Be aware that The truth that it's been proposed for deletion does not always mean that we do not worth your sort contribution. It only implies that one particular person believes that there is some distinct difficulty with it, like a copyright situation.

Be aware that any unsourced and untagged photographs might be deleted a person 7 days after they are uploaded, as described on standards for fast deletion.

Remember to recall to reply to and – if acceptable – contradict the arguments supporting deletion. Arguments which target the nominator will never affect the results of the nomination. Thanks!

אני יורדת אל הכביש הראשי, שואפת את הצפירות של המכוניות, את נהרות האנשים שממהרים להגיע בזמן, את החליפות המעונבות ואת האטרף שלהם בעיניים. אני שואפת את ההצלחות והכישלונות שלהם, שואפת את השיגעונות והאכזבות שלהם והם הולכים מהר ואז יותר מהר.

"אני זוכרת היטב את המצבים שבהם זה היה הפוך, שאני הייתי הצד הפגוע. זאת שלא ענו לה, לא דיברו איתה. זאת שחיכתה למענה, למסר, שהייתה מוכנה לשמוע כבר הכל- העיקר לשמוע"

In order to Permit you recognize, I decided to adhere to a guide much like yours and am Operating a online video determined by the "Kilroy Was Listed here" WikiWorld more info comic. (No Hebrew translation) I'll do you the consideration of sending it for you when im completed so that you can see it 1st

Make sure you keep in mind to reply to and – if correct – contradict the arguments supporting deletion. Arguments which deal with the nominator won't have an impact on the result of the nomination. Thanks!

מחבל ניסה לרצוח את אמא שלי. להפוך את אבא לאלמן, את סבתא וסבא להורים שכולים, את אחיי ואותי ליתומים. הוא דקר את אמא. צעק "אללה וואכבר".

I just wished to say hi, inquire how you ended up accomplishing, and to talk to what translation that you are focusing on. I hope you are performing well and congratulations on your own barnstar

Category:Beit Hect continues to be listed at Commons:Deletion requests so which the community can examine whether it should be kept or not. We might take pleasure in it if you might head to voice your impression concerning this at its entry.

File:Har_Hazeitim_IMG_3373.JPG has become shown at Commons:Deletion requests so that the Local community can discuss no matter if it should be stored or not. We might appreciate it if you may check out voice your view concerning this at its entry.

In the event the file is up for deletion because it's been superseded by a exceptional spinoff of one's do the job, take into account the Idea that Even though the file may be deleted, your exertions (which all of us enormously enjoy) life on in the new file.

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